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I'd like to take this opportunity to award Ben as the worst bachelor out of all the seasons. From Day 1 he started making out with each girl and I think he is not ready to settle down. Seems like he's just trying to find somewhere to keep his lips busy for a few months --- and promote his winery at the same time.

What the heck was Jamie doing? I felt so awkward that I started sweating. I'm not sure what she said during “Kissing 101,” but it’s equivalent to this: "So you close your mouth, I'll open mine, and then close it while you open. OK, keep your mouth shut. Ready? Go." Everyone in America who was watching that is now more dumb. Jamie, I award you no rose, and may god have mercy on your soul.

Going to keep it short and sweet this week and prepare for the fireworks that happen next week. A few quick comments: Lindzi and Kacie B. are awesome. For a model, Courtney is not as pretty as she thinks she is.  She reminds me of Vienna. Lastly, Ben is just not a good Bachelor. I feel he is truly not ready to settle down and likes being single and making out too much. Ok, here we go:

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