Bailey Buster

Breed: Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Owner Name: Kristi Buster

Adoption Year: 2012

Adoption Story:
thumb bailey buster 2 674Bailey's original name was Karhma when we first saw her. We already have a dog at home and we go to the Wolves games all the time and always look, but never get a dog on Adopt-A-Dog night. She leaned up against my husband, put her paw on his leg, and kissed him on the chin. She was sold. Since we have had her with us, she goes to doggie day care to play with other puppies, and she gets along great with our other dog; they play all the time. She comes to work with me at my parents' office, they also have two dogs so she is always playing. She has adopted a pink pig stuffed animal which she carries around everywhere. She loves walks, playing ball and chasing birds!! She's a great addition to our family. She's the biggest cuddle bug ever!

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